Space heater - 100% recycled paper
Brussels / 2020                                                                              
Won the belgian culture minister’s prize / 2021

«Objet chauffant» comes from observing the place that heaters occupy in our interiors.

From this point of view, we have been witnessing, for many years, multiple changes in terms of habitat, architecture, but also environmental and economic changes in the face of these changes, current heating must positioned himself.
Focusing on performance and competitiveness, auxiliary heaters become products devoid of sensitivity.


The problem that I approach, touch on the reappropriation of the contemporary heating object.The recycled paper today considered as waste makes sense in many projects aimed at reducing the ecological impact of sectors such as
furniture or 3D printing. A material with many mechanical qualities, but also thermal, which could greatly benefit to current auxiliary heaters. The « Objet chauffant » project shows that the upgrading waste such as paper finds its full meaning in technical projects and industrialists, thus proposing new sustainable design schemes, self-sufficient and inexpensive.